"Art and culture can change people, change the way of thinking and perceiving this lovely world we live in. I think we can all agree on this being a beautiful thing".

My name is Marisha Gulmann, I am a young Gallerist and I devote my time and energy to the world of art.

Art is my passion and my motivation. This is why I have chosen to represent gifted talented artists from all over the world. My childhood was marked by the permanent discovery of extraordinary artists. I give thanks to my beloved parents. My father was an exceptional art patron and collector. He and my mother instilled in me the desire to become the art patron and collector that I am today. It is very important for me to promote and represent artists with great care and dignity. To be the link between these Artists and the world. 

I was born an artist; Art picked me and has always played a well defined role in my life. As a young adult, I went to Art school; not because I believe in schools, but because one need to know the rules in order to break them. After many years in the Art world, I find that it is time we start breaking the rules. It is time to bring back the real value of Art.

I am a gallerist, the job picked me, and now play an important role in my world. I am a gallerist because I love the discovery of new artist while matching them with nice Art buyers. I love seeing the happiness in an artist eyes when I tell them that their work has been sold to an excited and grateful Art buyer. I am a gallerist because I find great enjoyment in what I do. I love treating both side of the table right.

I invite you to enter and experience the magical vision of these artists I am representing. It is always rewarding to acquire a rare and special piece of art work. It gives you the collector a privileged insight into the world of a masterful creative talent.     Own one, or many of these unique and innovative works today. And be confident that you are investing in quality. I am inviting you to enter my magical world of artistry. 

Each Art work you see represented here is picked by my hand and heart. If you have any questions feel free to contact me at Marisha.Gulmann@gmail.com