Wishing you the sweetest summertime -

See you in ultimo August.

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                                                           does men                                                                             

Opening Saturday, May 12 from 11 to 15 where the artists will be present.


Paintings by
Hanne Feldt
Helle Louise Kierkegaard
Henriette Hyldgaard
Lisa Lach-Nielsen
Ulrik Mikkelsen
Aksel Riber


DJ LISA KAYE will entertain with soulish, groovy, deep house music.

For this oppening - we offer a secure springmessenger - Lumpfish roe - stirred with fynsk smoke cheese and chives - as always from HAV in Torvehallerne, and we also offer the house's stamina from Otto Suenson from Mosel Riesling Trocken Haus Klosterberg, Markus Molitor

Everybody is welome

The exhibition ends Sunday 3 June



Danish version below


LØRDAG DEN 12. MAJ KL 11 - 15

hvor kunstnerne vil være til stede. 

Med malerier af
Hanne Feldt
Helle Louise Kierkegaard
Henriette Hyldgaard
Lisa Lach-Nielsen
Ulrik Mikkelsen
Aksel Riber

DJ LISA KAYE underholder med soulfull, groovy, deep house musik. 

Til denne fernisering - byder vi på en sikker forårsbebuder - stenbiderrogn - rørt med fynsk rygeost og purløg - som altid fra HAV i Torvehallerne og dertil byder vi husets stamvin fra Otto Suenson fra Mosel Riesling Trocken Haus Klosterberg, Markus Molitor

Udstillingen slutter søndag den 3. juni 


Welcome to a fantastic exhibition - 

Fantastic Figurations

The annual exhibition "Fantastic Figurations" at Galerie Knud Grothe.  

Artists represented by Marisha Gulmann Galleri:

Ito Hirotoshi - Japan

 Fossils of Autum

Fossils of Autum

 Fossils of Winter

Fossils of Winter


The annual exhibition "Humorism" opens October 28th  11am - 3pm.  

Artists represented by Marisha Gulmann Galleri:

Trine Mielche

på en knivsæg.100x80 jpg.jpg

Ito Hirotoshi

Ito Hirotoshi Delicious gallery marisha gulmann.jpg


Weightless time m sonne marisha gulmann gallery.jpg

Please join us for a fab day with art that will make you smile and laugh at:

Galerie Knud Grothe - Jægersborg Allé 11, 2920 Charlottenlund  

Fatastic Figuratism

Artist Ito Hirotoshi, Japan and Ulrik Mikkelsen, Denmark from the Gallery will be featured on the annual exhibition "Fantastic Figurations". 

We welcome you to come enjoy the fascinating sculptures created in stone by Ito Hirotoshi, together with upcoming young artist Ulrik Mikkelsen's amazing ink pieces.

Vernissage February 4th. 11am till 3pm.

Location: Galerie Knud Grothe - Jaergerborg Allé 11 -  2920 Charlottenlund  

Summer Holiday

Two perfet sculptures from artist Hirotoshi Ito can be enjoyed at the Summer Exhibition held at Galerie Knud Grothe in Charlottenlund. 

We welcome you to come enjoy the stone pieces and all the other charming art pieces until August 7th - 2016.

Location:                                                                 Galerie Knud Grothe                                                       Jaergerborg Allé 11                                                         2920 Charlottenlund                  

 Hirotoshi Ito "The day red was born"

Hirotoshi Ito "The day red was born"








                                                                                Wishing you all a beautiful holiday season.

 Hirotoshi Ito "A memory of the Ocean"

Hirotoshi Ito "A memory of the Ocean"

Fun collaboration with Banksia Food & Beer

We have just held two Art events with Artist Fabian Vela. A BIG thank you to all of you that stopped by to view and buy the colorful art pieces, enjoy the nice restaurant and their Australian inspired canapés with great bubbles. 

See you soon.

Fantastic Figurations

Artist Ira Tsantekidou from the Gallery will be featured on "Fantastic Figurations" 

The exhibition opens February 6th - Galerie Knud Grothe, Jaergersborg Allé 11, 2920 Charlottenlund

                                                                               Ira Tsantekidou - "Versuchung" // 100 x 90 cm 

                                                                              Ira Tsantekidou - "Versuchung" // 100 x 90 cm 

New exhibition with artist from Marisha Gulmann on show

The annual exhibition "Humorism" opens November 7th  

Artists represented by Marisha Gulmann Galleri:                                

 Josephine Bourghardt - "Blue Bird"        ---->                                                                                              


Please join us for a fab day with art that will make you smile and laugh at Galerie Knud Grothe - Jægersborg Allé 11, 2920 Charlottenlund  



Hirotoshi Ito - "Laughing Stone"    ---->                                                                                         



3 Artist from Marisha Gulmann Gallery will be featured at the exhibition. Opening July 4th - 2015

Opens July 4th  

Artists represented by Marisha Gulmann Galleri:                                  Manabu Nitta                                                                                                       Signe Anne Bjerre                                                                                              Olox

Gallerie Knud Grothe - Jægersborg Allé 11, 2920 Charlottenlund     

 Signe Anne Bjerre - "Storm på 1.Klasse" · 80 x 140 cm

Signe Anne Bjerre - "Storm på 1.Klasse" · 80 x 140 cm

The Inviation

Jeanette Alsing Charlotte Basse Signe Anne Bjerre Bjørn Bjørnholt Inge Blomquist Agnete Brinch Karen Brinck Birgit Christianne Cirkola Cristine van Crebas Luiza & Nils Drevsholt His Due Linda Ejler Jacob Gadd Bridget Glode Hanne Henrichsen Tine Hille George W. Jensen Sophie Jo Pernille Koch Susanne Crow Daria A . Liapko Lothar Søren Ludvigsen Gitte Norrman Olox Eva Rasmussen Michael Reinhardt Jørgen Sadolin Marianne rying Alexei Svetlov Lise Tang Manabu Nitta Soren Wullum
The exhibition ends on Sunday 9 August.

For this summer the opening, the gallery has staked everything on that now the beautiful Danish summer be here. Therefore, we offer a classic early summer eating stewed rhubarb or slightly more southern climes melon.
As always when we have made our choice what we have to offer, we take into Dr. Cross Street and down the stairs in the number 7 to the wine merchant Otto Suenson, which returned mariner founded the business at the address 135 years ago here in these months of 2015. His successors Carl-Erik Olsen and his family may not have crossed the equator, neither wind unite or abaft the beam, but they are legally competent sailors in their own waters. When they got the opening menu, we went home with something easy, bubbled, and coming Northern Italy Piedmont: A vino spumante made on drachettogrape.                                                                                                    



 Manabu Nitta - "A Man" 65 x 50 cm

Manabu Nitta - "A Man" 65 x 50 cm

Next exhibition will be May 30 from 11am to 3pm

Welcome to a fab exhibition - WE LOVE MARILYN - with fresh new art works by artist Jan Klein opening May 30 from 11am to 3 pm.                                                                       We will be very pleased to see you at Galerie Knud Grothe, Jaergersbog Allé, 2920 Charlottenlund           

1 pm. With great luck and female charm we have managed to get Denmark's famous poet Christian Kronmann to come and enthrall us with his, for the occasion, specially authored lyrical touch, which contains both poem and prose, titled "Thank you to the ladies".  This is a tribute to one of the greatest icons, Marilyn Monroe. The lyrical manifestation is inspired by Jan Klein's recent portraits of Marilyn.

13.15 Christian Kronmann shoots off the happening "Come and get your tie painted" by Jan Klein. This is a unique chance to get a little floundering in the wardrobe.                                  

For this special occasion, we draw inspiration from the recently Pentecost - and have chosen to offer Skagensrejen, which has just been elected the Whitsun Fish 2015. We serve skagensrejen au naturel, with just a small splash lemon dressing, as always supplied by fish shop HAV in Torvehallerne. Skagen prawns are of course accompanied by some mouthwatering - and here it is, of course, again a visit to the old søulks Otto Suenson wine cellar in Dr. Tværgade where good people with expert hand has chosen to let the shrimp be assistet by a cava from southeastern Spain, specifically from cava house Dominio de los Duques

The exhibition ends Sunday, June 14 and is curated by Marisha Gulmann


follow your dreams

Amsterdam in April

Artist Jan Klein will be showing is work in Amsterdam for the first time and it is going to be fab!

The exhibition opens friday April 24 at 5pm. The adress is: A Lab - Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS, 1031 Amsterdam   

Hope to see you there for great art, a chat and a hug! 



On 24th April, a new fresh exhibition opens in the A Lab Playground, well actually two: a Physical exhibition and a Virtual exhibition.
17:00 - preview of the works for sale [o.a. first show in The Netherlands by Jan Klein from Copenhagen and Sandra Issa from Beirut, next to Amsterdammers Peter Klashorst and Ottograph, and from Kulter Pablo Ponce, Bianca Runge, Vicente Fita Botet] and a guided tour to the virtual exhibition with Oculus glasses by A Lab VR Heroes / Adriaan Rijkens.
19:30, performance by the Street Walkers from Liege.                         20:00, the 8th edition of the Time is Love international video program curated by Kisito Assangni will be launched in the Blue Room, and then for the rest of the evening we need your help:
24th April is the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza accident. To support the CleanClothes campaign and the Eu Ropa project bij Insomnia, we invite you all to bring your old dirty clothes and build together a big installation in the corridor to the basement. We are at A Lab all day on the 24th April and you can come from 10:00 and we will build the installation through the day and night.

The Coffee Virus provides for food all evening [4/7 euro].

Jan Klein [DK, Icons New-York Brains]
Sandra Issa [LIB, drawings]
Bianca Runge [NL, Drifted Miniatures]
Ottograph [NL, 500 guns]
Peter Klashorst [NL, painting]
Vicente Fita Botet [Sculpuresques]
Pablo Ponce [NL, « Colosseum, un mondo anestetizzato »]
Anja Hertenberger [D/NL, Augmented Clothes]
Insomnia [IT, Clothes Investigation Eu Ropa by Gisela Fantacuzzi & Franco Sacchetti]
Time is Love.08 [International video art program curated by Kisito Assangni]

VIRTUAL EXPO by VRHeroes [Adriaan Rijkens]
Immo Jalass ZT Tosha Erik de Bree Julisso Esther Venrooy Mariah Blue Ester Eva Damen Dimitry de Graaff Vicente Fita Botet Anja Hertenberger Ottograph Bianca Runge

A Lab, Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam noord

Artist D.C.W collaborates with Parisian Fashion

We made a fab collaboration with Paris based designer Christine Phung.                                                                                                                                                                                 Artist D.C.W aka DeadCameraWorks' beautiful image "Flower Ball" was show at L'institut du Monde Arab during Paris Fashion Week.                                                                                                                                                    

The collection is fresh and stylish and we can not wait to see people wear it!


deadcameraworks marisha gulmann

3 Artist will be featured at the exhibition Fantastic Figurations. Opening 7th of February

Fantastiske Figurationer                                                                                                                      

Fantastiske figurationer

Opens Saturday 7 of February 

Artists from Marisha Gulmann Galleri: 

Jensen Cph

John Klysner


Gallerie Knud Grothe - Jægersborg Allé 11, 2920 Charlottenlund     

Other Artist:

Ole Fick

Jacob Gadd

Thor Lindeneg

Michael Schuh

Roelof De Roo

Daniel Goldenberg

Mette Nørregaard

Niels Erik Skovballe

Claus Brusen

Pernille Koch

Jeanette Elmelund

Lone Reich

Ginny Page

Bpdil Schmidt

Jan Esmann

Birthe Jarlbæk

Mikkel Hjort

Hanne Henrichsen

Mait Idemo

Rikke Bhathena

Christine Foss

Jeanette Alsing

Gerry Dinnage

Naja Sunde

Karol Bak

Niniane C.Z. Larsen

Jørgen W Jensen

Allison Barry Rosenlund

Sanne Glissov

Annie Nielsen

Klavs Holm

Micha Lobi                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          



1. Nov - 1. Dec 2014 

Artist from Marisha Gulmann Galleri:

Jannie Gliese

Other artist:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Ole Fick                                     Carsten Skjold                                                                                                                                                                                               Mick Schack                           Alexandra Mai Møller                                                                                                                                                                                 Jacob Gadd                             Allison Barry Rosenlund                                                                                                                                                                               Thor Lindeng                          Ginette Wien                                                                                                                                                                                                           Søren Bjælde                          Lene Winther                                                                                                                                                                                                         Poul Bruun                              Rikke Bruzelius                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jan Monrad                             Sanne Glissov                                                                                                                                                                                                       Linda Ejler                               Jørgen W. Jensen                                                                                                                                                                                             Alexei Svetlov                        Claus Castenskjold Larsen

Link to exhibition

Gallerie Knud Grothe - Jægersborg Allé 11, 2920 Charlottenlund   

Artist J.K Solo exhibition

Jan Klein solo show                                                                                                                   

20. September - 4. October 

Gallerie Knud Grothe - Jægersborg Allé 11, 2920 Charlottenlund