Tal R for sale


Set of one etching and one Art book by Tal R for sale.

We offer this etching by Tal R. It is number 31 of the sold out edition of 64. 


Details: etching, paper size 28 x 38 cm., image size 16 x 23 cm., edition 31/64, framed, signed and numbered, 2013









The book shows 136 drawings by Tal R, that were made on board of the ship Activ during an expedition to Greenland in 2011.
Published on the occasion of the exhibition “Tal R – Mann über Bord” from July 7 to September 9, 2012 at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf.

  • 138 figures in a four-colour offset print
  • Clothbound Hardcover
  • 144 pages
  • 185×125 mm
  • Edition of 700
  • ISBN 978-3-941601-61-1




                               Tal R - Untitled -  2012 - etching- framed 33x42c 

                              Tal R - Untitled -  2012 - etching- framed 33x42c 

Preparing for the Summer exhibition

Looking SO very much forward to showing Hirotoshi Ito's amazing stone works at this summer exhibition.
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The Purple King has crossed over

While preparing for two upcoming exhibitions, artist Fabian Vela has created this fab piece titled "The After World". As the world knows by now, the artist Prince passed away on April 21. This cause huge reactions all around. Fabian Vela's reaction was to create this art piece.

Maybe you are a great fan of the late Prince, maybe not, but we can all relate to The After World.

Enjoy the art piece, it is for sale. Simplt send a mail or call and we will work out the rest.

 "The After World" -  100x100cm // 39,37"

"The After World" -  100x100cm // 39,37"

New collaboration with Banksia Food & Beer

This is a post about two new things that has happened in primo 2016.

The Gallery has taken in a new fresh artist - Fabian Vela and we have also joined a fab new Australian restaurant, to work on showing new interesting art on their walls. The restaurant is situated downtown Copenhagen and we find it very tasty in many ways. So join us at one or both events, as we kick of the first show with artist Fabian Vela AND the first show ever held at Banksia. 

                   "Native Memory" - Fabian Vela // 79 x 209 cm // mixed media // 2015

                  "Native Memory" - Fabian Vela // 79 x 209 cm // mixed media // 2015

Fantastic Figurations 2016

Ira Tsantekidou from the Gallery will be featured on "Fantastic Figurations" 

The exhibition opens February 6th - Galerie Knud Grothe, Jaergersborg Allé 11, 2920 Charlottenlund

Ira tsantekidou


Preparing for the next show 

A new artist will be joining the Humorism exhibition


Hirotoshi Ito’s Incredible Stone Sculptures Will Blow Your Mind!

Very happy to have made it possible to show art pieces by artist Hirotoshi Ito, Japan. Ito's surreal stone sculptures playfully contrast the rocks' original shape with unexpected and humorous alterations. 

Just look at these fabulous pieces and stay tuned for information on the exhibition in November 2015.

 The stone look's like it's getting zipped up!

The stone look's like it's getting zipped up!

 I dare you to Not smile or laugh when you look at this!

I dare you to Not smile or laugh when you look at this!

"Although I work with various kinds of stones, most of my work consists of optimizing a stone's original shape...A smile on the beholder's face is the main motivation for my work." Ito writes on his website.

 The eye is really looking right through the hardness, directly into your eyes.

The eye is really looking right through the hardness, directly into your eyes.

YESSSS! So delighted to have received the collection!
On the photo you see a bit of the results from the collaboration between Parisian Designer Christine Phung and Artist DeadCameraWorks.
Christine Phung has used the art photography "Flower Ball" for her fab collection that was presented on Paris Fashionweek.
It is possible to order clothes and artwork.

It is a very cool story too; artist DeadCameraWorks, based in Copenhagen, takes pics with a broken camera. You see the result framed on the photo. Designer Christine Phung, based in Paris finds the artworks by DeadCameraWorks on a site and a collaboration is born. Designer creates material with the artwork, and it hits the runway during the fab paris fashionweek. I get to enjoy it all, as I represent the artist.


Art for Victims

Very delighted to announce that Artist JensenCph has donated his fab art piece "Domes" for the fundraiser ‪#‎danskedesignstøtter‬

The greatest humanitarian disaster in decades is currently unfolding in the Middle East, and it is impossible not to be affected by the violent images and the fate of stories that you see and hear from Syria.

Support Auction for victims in Syria
Up to the Red Cross national fundraiser Oct. 4 is Lauritz.com, BO BETTER, Boligmagasinet and Costume Living teamed up with some of the biggest Danish design firms on a support auction for victims of the crisis in Syria. The amount we receive from the design auction will be donated go to the Red Cross, which will use the money to help in the neighboring areas.

See you soon!

Hello Vacation - Please let everybody know that we will be back in office by August 27th.

Wishing you all a splendid season with hugs and all.