Very succesful business trip to Beijing

Great connections made - Future exhibitions in store.

I have to admit it; Beijing took me by storm!                                                                     This city is simply amazing and the Art district 798 艺术区 located in Dashanzi, Chaoyang District of Beijing is definitely a most visit. It is a 50-year old decommissioned military factory with buildings in unique architectural style. It all exploded in 2002, with scores of galleries, lofts, publishing firms, design companies, end-end tailor shops, cafés and fancy restaurants setting up In 2003, around 30 artist and organizations had set up studios or offices in the area, with 200 more on the waiting list to move in.                                                                          I spent a couple of very succesful days touring the area, meeting interesting artists, viewing thriving projects and setting up good collaborations with gallery owners.    

We are working on an exhibition with one of the artist whom I represent - so please stay tuned!

Please enjoy some snaps from the from the trip --->                                                   Click the image when you are done viewing and magic will happen!


Just because it's Fab & Thursday

Mr. Bob Fosse <3

Posted by Rodrigo Pires on 4. maj 2015

Copenhagen's Greatest is coming to Amsterdam in April!

Delighted to present artist Jan Klein at A Lab in Amsterdam

On friday the 24th of April from 5pm there will a fab opening af the SPRING EXPO - AMSTERDAM Location: A Lab - Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 

This exhibition is the result of a longer dialog with and we can't wait to meet the people behind it in real life!

Looking forward to some good times in the Amsterdam sun and to meet with great artist. 

There will also be a virtuel exhibition in which Jan Klein's art works will be displayed.

We hear that Amsterdam will be rocking from the 24th due to the upcoming "Kings Day" on the 27th.

A lab spring expo

This is the first time that Jan Klein shows his work in the Netherlands and we are all very excited! 10 great pieces of art work will be shipped of to Amsterdam next week and we look forward to greeting you there with smiles, hugs and a lot of Love!    

For more information please look under Exhibitions & Events.   

A big thanks to Julie Dassaud @

Artist D.C.W meets Paris Fashion Week

Just returned to Copenhagen from Paris after attending a fab fashion show - Christine Phung AW2015 held at L'institute de Monde Arab. 

The story -                                                                                                                                                                         In fall 2014 the prizewinning Parisian designer Christine Phung contacted the Gallery because she had falling in love with the image "Flower Ball" by Artist D.C.W aka DeadCameraWorks.           

She wished to make a collaboration and create clothes using the art photo print.                                     The result is amazing and we can't wait to wear it!                         



 &nbsp; &nbsp;"Flower Ball" by Artist DeadCameraWorks

   "Flower Ball" by Artist DeadCameraWorks

New Artist in the Gallery family

I am very excited to have taken on this interesting Artist from Paris. Please meet C.L.T aka Catherine Lupis-Thomas.


The official invitation

Welcome Welcome to a fab exhibition Saturday 7 of January. More than 150 art pieces will be shown, tapas and wine will flow and the artist will be available for talks and hugs. 3 of the artist from this Gallery will be represented.

Hope to see you!

The article from the danish newspaper Information on the meeting with artist J.K and EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager.

'I'm not some puppet with a logo behind'
Art and politics go hand in hand in popartist Jan Klein's gift to the newly EU Commissioner Margrethe Vestager. It is a modified EU flag painted with optimistic peace messages. Tuesday Vestager was presented the work, and it put her in a good mood.

Link to the article in danish


In September, the artist Jan Klein asked a handful of different people to pick a phrase to describe their relationship with the EU. There where statements like 'EU über alles',' EU or chaos', 'Fuck the EU', 'Strategy = falsehood', not to mention the Radicals' election slogan "I believe. In Europe '. Jan Klein - who was born in 1951 and describes itself as "an old hippie" - had in fact just seen on TV that Margrethe Vestager had been inserted as European Commissioner. Therefore, he would give the radical politician a gift that she could take with her to Brussels.

"It was all the alienation," said Jan Klein to explain that why threw himself over the EU as a theme. He himself was very unsure about his own attitude towards the EU and met many negative attitudes. It made him want to create a work that in a more positive and constructive way told a story of the European Union.

In good spirits
Paper strips with the sentences with the conflicting messages were included in the work Wonderful Colorful EU People - a collage painting specially created for the newly Commissioner.

And surprisingly enough for Jan Klein, Vestager accepted the invitation to receive his gift. And now the day so come when the art piece will be handed over.


- Margrethe Vestager, how do you take the work's message with you in your political work?

"To me the art piece speaks perfectly about all the differences between people and about how we can gather," said the politician. She continues:

jan klein margrethe vestager

"This is a contrast to the EU flag as we know it: It's lots of colors and it sticks out in many directions, and yet it is one thing. In this way, it makes more sense and depth to the EU motto 'united in diversity', than the blue flag by itself does. The blue flag is not different, it's just a big blue surface with some identical stars on. But here you can feel the heartbeat of the many, many people in Europe. "

- It's a crisis hit Europe, we are facing right now. Is there a need for art to create exactly the unifying effect you talking about?

"I think there is a need for all kinds of art. There is no need for that art should be a program or enter into service for the crisis-hit Europe. But for me art is an access to even interpret the things that are going on around the EU. I think it is important that it does not enter into service, but to do that we can see ourselves and what we do in a different way, "says Margrethe Vestager.

She tells the example that she recently had to comment on a major new investment in a news program via satellite link. As background had chosen an anonymous light blue logo. "I thought: Could not we at least have Brussels as background? Then one can see that it is a man who speaks. I'm not some puppet with a logo behind. "

- It is said that this is a problem in the EU that political processes are very distant from the people. Can such a work make people feel like they have more influence?

"It's probably much to ask," Jan Klein hesitant.

"But I think that when you talk about things either through art or conversation, you can demonstrate that the basic all want peace in the world, even though it may sound trite. Like John Lennon and Yoko Ono: They believed in world peace. And if you do it today, then you become almost mocked. But it will be necessary to believe, "says the artist.

Jan Klein thinks it would be fun if someday someone asked him to come down to the EU and paint all the men's suits in lively colors.

"If everything is just black and white, it gets fucking boring," he says.

The artist and politician posing for the photographer while they keep the painting in front of them, so their heads peeping over the edge. Right Jan Klein half long gray mane, and left EU Commissioner's short haircut.

"Then we can hide behind it," says Margrethe Vestager, and all laugh.

'Wonderful Colorful European People' was presented to Margaret West-ager at Art by Klein Tuesday, December 2nd. The work will hang in the EU Commissioner's office in Brussels.




gallery marisha gulmann margrethe vestager

"I am just get in such a good mood by looking at the painting," says Margrethe Vestager cheerfully.

She and the artist stand confidential side by side and study the painting in informal settings in Klein's studio at the end of Islands Brygge in one of the prefabricated buildings of concrete and glass that the Oerestad is so full of.

The work "Wonderful Colorful EU People" is kept in pop art collage aesthetics as Klein's other works. An EU flag in nylon is stretched over a frame, and on top of the familiar twelve stars and the blue background, there is a veritable explosion of colors. In the center of the image are the words "LOVE COLOR COLOR REVOLUTION BY THE PEOPLE 'flashing in the face of the viewer with an affirmative hurray optimism. And the painting gaudy context is the European flag corporate blue color almost a modernist and progressive flare on them, like the blue of Matisse or Yves Klein.

"Here's hope for peace," said Jan Klein, pointing to one of the many small peace sign on the size of a large coin, which is outlined on the canvas with black paint.

"And down here in the corner I painted a teddy bear. You must continue to be a child, for it is a serious job. And here I have put little eyes into. So can people watch you, " he said.

All inclusive Vestager laugh a little, as a kind of polite acknowledgment of artistic provocation.

X-mas morning - Happy Happy Everything to Everybody!

 wishing all a beautiful holiday season and a prosperous 2015 full of love, health and art.                                                                                                                             I can be found by the Mediterranean sea and more PeaceBombs can be found at

New work from artist J.K

Really digging this new art piece by artist J.K!

I payed a visit to J.K's studio the other day and was really delighted to see this new piece from his hand. It is HUGE 70.86 x70.86 inch and it just grows on you, well it did on me. 

If you have a big wall, you should hurry up and buy it before I do!

Peace is a good thing to be reminded of every day.


 War is over - Mixed media on canwas -&nbsp;70.86 x&nbsp;70.86 inch

War is over - Mixed media on canwas - 70.86 x 70.86 inch