Amsterdam in April

Artist Jan Klein will be showing is work in Amsterdam for the first time and it is going to be fab!

The exhibition opens friday April 24 at 5pm. The adress is: A Lab - Overhoeksplein 2, 1031 KS, 1031 Amsterdam   

Hope to see you there for great art, a chat and a hug! 



On 24th April, a new fresh exhibition opens in the A Lab Playground, well actually two: a Physical exhibition and a Virtual exhibition.
17:00 - preview of the works for sale [o.a. first show in The Netherlands by Jan Klein from Copenhagen and Sandra Issa from Beirut, next to Amsterdammers Peter Klashorst and Ottograph, and from Kulter Pablo Ponce, Bianca Runge, Vicente Fita Botet] and a guided tour to the virtual exhibition with Oculus glasses by A Lab VR Heroes / Adriaan Rijkens.
19:30, performance by the Street Walkers from Liege.                         20:00, the 8th edition of the Time is Love international video program curated by Kisito Assangni will be launched in the Blue Room, and then for the rest of the evening we need your help:
24th April is the second anniversary of the Rana Plaza accident. To support the CleanClothes campaign and the Eu Ropa project bij Insomnia, we invite you all to bring your old dirty clothes and build together a big installation in the corridor to the basement. We are at A Lab all day on the 24th April and you can come from 10:00 and we will build the installation through the day and night.

The Coffee Virus provides for food all evening [4/7 euro].

Jan Klein [DK, Icons New-York Brains]
Sandra Issa [LIB, drawings]
Bianca Runge [NL, Drifted Miniatures]
Ottograph [NL, 500 guns]
Peter Klashorst [NL, painting]
Vicente Fita Botet [Sculpuresques]
Pablo Ponce [NL, « Colosseum, un mondo anestetizzato »]
Anja Hertenberger [D/NL, Augmented Clothes]
Insomnia [IT, Clothes Investigation Eu Ropa by Gisela Fantacuzzi & Franco Sacchetti]
Time is Love.08 [International video art program curated by Kisito Assangni]

VIRTUAL EXPO by VRHeroes [Adriaan Rijkens]
Immo Jalass ZT Tosha Erik de Bree Julisso Esther Venrooy Mariah Blue Ester Eva Damen Dimitry de Graaff Vicente Fita Botet Anja Hertenberger Ottograph Bianca Runge

A Lab, Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam noord